Important information about Orthovisc and precautions for the side effects

Orthovisc, a medication used for treating knee pain is recommended for the patients who suffer with knee pain, joint inflammation or osteoarthritis. This medicine is usually used by patients who have the health condition that is not responding to any other medical treatments such as physiotherapy, exercise or acetaminophen. This medicine must be used properly according to the advice given by the doctor. It should be moreover used on time as prescribed without skipping any dose in between. If such situation occurs, then it is very important to immediately consult your doctor to reschedule and get the dose.

Orthovisc is given as injection by the doctor. This is used once in a week and the benefits continue for up to six months. To say, the patient may not have any difficulties, pain or discomfort while on Orthovisc. This medicine has been proven to be very effective and best among all other medicines available for relieving knee pain. The dosage must be taken as prescribed by the medical practitioner. Any over dosage may lead to unfavorable health impacts that may leave the patient to unexpected serious situations which may require immediate medical attention.

There are certain things to be noted while injecting Orthovisc. This medicine must not be injected in artery or vein, as it may increase the side effects. The patient must avoid any physical activities that may increase the stress on knee after receiving the injection. To say, patient must not jog, must not play sports such as tennis, lift heavy things, and stand for long time and any other activities that may trigger the pain. Some patient may experience increase in pain and swelling in the injected area.  This is a common symptom for anyone who has taken the medicine, however, if this condition persists for long then consulting your doctor is very important. A Patient may, on an average, require three injections during the course of treatment. However, some may require up to five injections based on their severance and the tendency to respond to the medicine.

There are some safety measures to be taken if you have decided to opt for Orthovisc treatment. Note that this injection is given as one dose per week, which is of total three doses for three weeks. The pain may not completely relieve until all prescribed dose is given to the patient. Some may experience temporary inflammation in knee after Orthovisc is used. If this continues for long, then consult your doctor. This medicine must be used in children with extreme caution. Women who are breast feeding or pregnant must not use this medicine.

Some of the possible side effects of Orthovisc are mild bruising, redness in the injected area, heat, swell or pain. These are the common side effects and are temporary too. However, if you experience any serious side effects such as unbearable pain, swell, inflammation, hives, rash, difficulty to breathe, tightness in chest and swell in lips, tongue, mouth or face, then you must immediately consult your doctor for medical treatment. If any of this condition is left untreated, then it may lead to fatal causes. If you are suspected for overdose, then contact poison control center immediately in your locality.

Orthovisc must be stored in proper place as directed. It should be kept out of reach from children and pets. In addition to these precautions, the patient must also follow certain food control during the medication period. This is because; some food items may react adversely to some ingredients in the medicine. Therefore, try to take the advice from your doctor about which type of food can be taken.

You can now easily buy Orthovisc online from the recognized and approved online pharmacy. There is no prescription needed for buying this medication, however, it is always recommendable to consult your doctor and take his advice before you order for this medicine online. It is very important that you well-research and buy this injection only from the reliable and approved pharmacy. The pharmacy must be holding proper insurance, license and obtain prior authorizations. After you buy the medicine, you must read the instruction given on the label properly. Try to handle and store the medicine as given.